The Path To A Flourishing Health Business Starts Here. 

UPDATE: This intake is now closed. Please email me if you'd like to be on the list for the next round.

So you’ve completed your certification and are armed with energy and expertise as a new naturopath, sound healer, doula, TCM practitioner, herbalist, massage therapist, holistic counsellor, Human Design consultant.  

In the vibrant realm of holistic health, I see you newly minted practitioners stepping into entrepreneurship, bearing your individual gifts and knowledge reservoirs.  

You may have left the corporate world or another 9-5 role to follow your dream of employment freedom and doing what lights you up while helping others.  

You are the wisdom and medicine keepers of the future. Your heart beats with devotion to heal and serve.

With your certification completed, you are excited about stepping into the business arena. Yet, a veil of uncertainty shrouds your vision as you stare at the vast ocean of branding and marketing considerations.

"Where do I begin,"  
“I know nothing about marketing.”
"I'm not a writer or creative type."  

Certification courses equip you with practical skills but often don’t give much, if any, information on how to build a business. 

As a soulful server, healing remedy maker or mindfulness modality teacher, you have the power to make a profound impact on the lives of others.

You want to start crafting your brand early (even if you’re still in training for when you’re ready to go out on your own) and discovering the marketing approaches available, as getting your name out there and forming an aligned content marketing plan that attracts and retains clients takes time, experimentation and effort.

But it’s worth it, and with some knowledge in your toolkit, it can become a pleasurable and rewarding part of your business.  

The Integrative Marketing Mini Course is the remedial prescription for new practitioners, healers and teachers in holistic health services to launch an uncomplicated brand and marketing plan, access their hidden creative potential and develop a five-star reputation.

Before pursuing a full-time writing career, I followed another path: becoming a yoga teacher.  

Excited after completing my yoga teacher training, I couldn’t wait to share my newfound knowledge, learn even more through teaching and sprinkle my flavour of wisdom into my classes.

It was circa 2011. Blogging was big, and Instagram was taking off, but you do well with word of mouth and through in-person yoga communities until social media took digital marketing to the next level.

Back then, I didn’t have the knowledge I have now. I struggled to get myself out there because we weren't taught anything about the business of yoga in the course. And unlike now, there wasn’t access to a smorgasbord of courses and coaches to teach me what I needed to know to keep going and succeed.

My lack of success mirrored this. I quit after 18 months. 

Even when you can afford to pay someone to manage your marketing, you must have clear brand and messaging goals and be involved in the ongoing process.

To know who you are, where you are going and who you want to work with.

And this is a continuous and evolving process.

Where do you start when there is SO MUCH information out there, and you can see already some of it doesn’t speak to you?

The Integrative Marketing Mini Course will teach you everything you need to start crafting your brand persona and reputation, and market in a fulfilling way.

Walk away with skills that will serve you to:

💮Understand the branding basics you need and get started on crafting yours

💮Uncover your unique aspects through practical exercises that will inform your framework

💮 Cultivate a brand that reflects your essence, and that will resonate with who you ideally want to work with
💮Traverse marketing labyrinths and apply only what works for you

💮Have marketing foundations you can continue building on for attracting and retaining clients
💮Access your inner creative to compose authentic and informative content that builds credibility  

💮Use alternative digital marketing approaches to get your name out there (online isn’t everything!) 

☑️ Four modules completed over four weeks (to complete as they’re released)

☑️ Weekly 1-hour group coaching call to discuss the week's module and have your questions answered. You can submit questions even if you can’t make the call, and the recording will be provided.

☑️ Videos, reading material and exploratory activities to help you conceive your personal brand and marketing plan and get creating.

☑️ Forum community inside the program portal to share your thoughts, questions and feedback along the way and connect with people on similar trajectories.

VALUE: $599

But I'm offering it completely free this one time only.

Course commences Tuesday 16 January 2024 and registrations close 12 January.
Calls will be held on Tuesdays at 11am AEST/8am AWST.

Pre-requirements: None. The course is open to any newly graduated practitioner or those still completing a certification course OR if you have been in business under 2 years (perhaps it’s your side expansion you’re having trouble launching so you can leave your other job).

Are you ready to acquire the brand and marketing basics, create a plan without getting lost in the sea of content confusion, and start crafting your reputation that will invite consistent clients on repeat?

Who Is Carmen | Scribe Cartel

I'm a West Australian content writer, digital marketing sage, natural medicine advocate and etymology nerd with ten years of communications and marketing experience across the private, public and not-for-profit realms.

I now specialise in supporting natural health businesses, brands and practitioners to establish their authority and online presence through websites, blogs, socials and email newsletters.  

Get to know me more through my website and connect with me on LinkedIn and Instagram.